6 Places to Buy Whiskey in Taipei, Taiwan, Where Tourists Can Easily Purchase Whiskey!

Six Places to Buy Whiskey in Taipei

HI, I am DRWINE 1984 organizer Tung.

After traveling abroad, I found the pricing for Taiwanese whiskey is significantly cheaper than other countries. In addition, I’ve also done some researches and realized that it is because of the relatively low import and alcohol taxes in Taiwan make our pricing competitive.

Taiwan imposes a 0% import tax on whiskey, and alcohol tax is levied based on alcohol concentration, with a rate of only NT$2.5 per liter per degree. For a bottle of whiskey with 40% alcohol concentration, the tax amounts to only NT$70.

Therefore, if you are traveling to Taiwan, pineapple cakes or sun cakes are great souvenirs but don’t forget to bring back a bottle of whiskey as well.

In this article, I will share from the perspective of locals in Taiwan where people buy whiskey. This way, even if you don’t speak Chinese and are not familiar with the area, you can easily purchase alcohol in Taiwan!

Liquor Stores

You are more likely to find some special or high-aged whiskeys in Liquor Stores compared to supermarkets or general retailers. If you’re looking for exclusive or special Taiwanese whiskies, rather than the usual regular ones, I would recommend coming here.

1.Chain Liquor Store – MY9

Their slogan is “Satisfy all your needs at once,” and they have a wide variety of liquor options. If you’re looking for high-aged whiskey or something special, you can inquire there. The staff provides excellent service, and communication in English is usually not a problem. The store is very beautiful as well.

2.Chain Liquor Store – JIO GROUP CORP

Known for having the cheapest liquor prices in Taiwan, they do offer lower prices, but they primarily deal with parallel imports. You may find that they have fewer Taiwan-exclusive items, and some special or high-aged whiskeys may often be out of stock.

3.Street Corner Liquor Stores

Many small liquor store owners have extensive knowledge of whiskey due to their long-standing expertise in the industry. They can share a lot about the taste and stories behind different whiskeys. However, these owners are usually elderly people and may have difficulty communicating in English. Since these independent liquor stores vary in service quality, it will be better to check Google reviews before visiting.

Supermarkets/Convenience Stores

Whiskeys in supermarkets are usually mid-range to low-price brands with more advertising. Prices are generally higher compared to liquor stores.


Whiskey prices may be cheaper than convenience stores (7-11, Family Mart) but more expensive than liquor stores. Not the most convenient for shopping, as the bottles are often placed on the cashier’s counter. Still, it works in a pinch.


The advantage here is that you can browse at your own pace without any staff assistance. Occasionally, when there are discounts, you might be able to get a very good deal of whiskeys.

3.Convenience Stores (7-11, Family Mart)

These are typically the most expensive places to buy whiskey in terms of retail stores. However, they do offer a variety of mini bottles at lower unit prices. If you’re looking for mini-sized whiskey, consider convenience stores.


After sharing the places to purchase whiskey in Taipei, let me introduce who we are – DRWINE 1984.

Our parent company started as a small liquor store, in 2021, we established DRWINE 1984 as an online brand. Our goal is to serve more people and help them find their favorite drink!

If you’re traveling to Taiwan and Interested in buying whiskey, you can easily placing order from our website.

We provide the same day delivery service if you are located in Taipei. For areas not in Taipei but in Taiwan, we offer home delivery. You can usually receive your whiskey on the next day of order placed and confirmed.

Taiwan is truly a whiskey paradise with a wide selection and affordable prices. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of whiskey home when visiting Taiwan!

If you have further questions, please feel free to add our LINE below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.